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This woman is a natural healer! Her compassion is exceptional and equal to her knowledge of all things body, energy and health related. I am so grateful to have her wisdom and healing hands on me for years now. I am a professional athlete with autoimmune issues and Dr. Najarian keeps me as healthy as possible, specifically with prevention and rehabilitation. I wish I could see her more frequently!

Kate Abate

One of the smartest and most humble people I have ever met. She is very hands on with many holistic ways of fixing inflammation and limitations. Very versatile, patient, and obviously educated in what she does. I send many of my personal clients here along with myself and constantly get amazing feedback and results. You will not be disappointed, its not a chain she's a local small business passionate in what she does. This is your go too for any rehab needs. I see Doctor T 1x a week to keep me healthy and going. You should too!

CrossFit UnPhased

Dr. Najarian is professional, talented and an extremely intuitive healer. She has helped me many times with neck pain utilizing functional dry needling and other techniques that she has incorporated with her extensive training attained nationally/internationally. If you are tired of cookie-cutter treatment approaches, and want to restore a better version of yourself, she is the practitioner for you!

Julianne Smith

Incredibly passionate and genuinely cares about her patients wellbeing. I knew that I would be supported and was in good hands on my rehabilitation journey with her knowledge for the work she provides. I couldn't speak anymore highly of Taleen and her work.

Rebecca Neale

I went to see Dr Taleen for lower back relief, and range of motion, I was very limited due to lack of exercising. Shortly after I started seing her, I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel and my only option at that time was surgery. Dr Taleen put her experience and knowledge to work. After a few, yes, a few sessions I started to feel relief in my hands, less numbness and tingling. With continuous sessions and paying attention on how to hold and grab things I no longer need surgery she knew how to fix my issue. With my lower back and range of motion, she continues to shape up my body to how it should be, my flexibility has improved and I’m able to do my routines pain free and mostly with no limitations. Dr. Taleen, is the best of the best when it comes to Physical Therapy. I do not hesitate to recommend her knowledge and experience to anyone that is looking for the best.

Alejandro Baca

Taleen Najarian has to be one of the best Physical Therapist in Michigan hands down... the first time I met her was after a huge dirt bike accident and she dry needled me for the first time in my life and I couldn’t believe the amazing results in less than 24hours... the second time Dr. Najarian helped me was after a huge auto accident were my car went up in the air and came down nose first injuring my wrist and knee. She took such great care of me and showed interaction that I never got from a PT before... it’s like she really cared and honestly wanted to help/fix me the quickest as possible... I can tell you so many more great experiences with her, but long story short, she is the best and somebody that is my go to when it comes to multiple things in the PT world.

Robert Zaleski

Dr. Najarian is a delight! Her knowledge and expertise helped me get better; and her grace and amazing personality keep me coming back for wellness care!

Emily Elandt

Patient Stories: Testimonials
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